Household waste & recycling collection

Choose from two packages depending on your waste needs

We understand that households have different needs when it comes to waste collection and the size of the household is likely to reflect the amount of waste.
Therefore, we offer two different packages to suit both smaller and bigger households. Packages are 6 or 12 months.

Package A 'The Dinky Bin' for lower waste producers

The ideal option for households with 1 to 2 people with a low weight allowance. You’ll get a 240ltr recycling bin, a 140ltr waste bin and an 80ltr organic bin.

Contact the office for further details on this package

Collection Week 1 : General Waste Bin ( Black Lid ) and Recycling Bin (Blue Lid )
Collection Week 2 : Compost Bin (Brown Lid)


Package B 'The Bulky Bin' for high waste producers

The perfect option for family households or those with 3 or more people where waste production is high. You’ll get an extra large 360ltr recycling bin, a 240ltr waste bin, 140ltr compost bin and 10ltr compost kitchen caddy which means you will have lots of room for food and organic waste and not have to worry about the odour.

Price is €28 per month for a weight allowance of 30kg on the General Waste Bin (Avr usage for small households is 25kg)

Collection Week 1: General Waste Bin ( Black Lid ) and Recycling Bin (Blue Lid ) Collection Week 2: Compost Bin (Brown Lid)




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